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The Noisy Child




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The wise and the cool.

Last week my father was talking about how the world has changed since he was a 30-something guy. By the way, he is 67. Yes, it does sound like a cliché. Exactly what I thought at that moment. Here we go with the generation gap ranting. He said there is a lot of noise nowadays. Assuming that he was talking about all the things around us, I thought yes yes everything is loud for you. He continued. The streets overcrowded with honking vehicles, music has lost its melody, sleep is often disturbed by cell phone notifications (teedin- teedin he calls it). There are very few places that a soul can find silence and solitude in. I nodded like an ardent daughter and added on saying yes papa but it’s the need of today’s world. You have to be updated and available or life/opportunities will run you by and you wont even notice. Life is fast and noisy. Well, that conversation ended there, with him just giving me a shrug which is quite like what my dad does when he realizes I am not ready for his deeper thoughts. I got back to my phone.


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The train of thought.

Today, when I sat down to write a blog post (my very first) my mind seemed to have started racing at a speed of a Shanghai Maglev. Topics, Political Issues, Relationships, Social Media, Friends, Cooking, Pet, Husband. I wasn’t just visualizing these things in my head but its like they were talking to me with a microphone “Me!! Me!! Me!!”. Like that classmate from high school who was always the first one to raise her/his hand to answer the question the teacher just asked while you were dreaming about what your mom was cooking for lunch today. Oh dear. I was left in a daze and with a mild migraine. That’s when I just picked up my crochet needle and started knitting and after about 10 minutes of crazy mindless loops and chain stitches, I stopped, with a question. Where did all that noise go? What just happened?

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Was the noise, my father mentioned only a part of our external environment? Like the reason why I cannot open windows or my balcony door for fresh air, as the cars racing on the Gardiner Expressway add to more than just the white noise. Or is it something we carry in our mind every second of our day and sometimes even night. Immediately, my mind ran to solutions to quieten this noise. Yes, another noisy episode. But that’s how are mind works. Doesn’t it? Thoughts lead to more thoughts and so it continues. The train of thought has left the station.

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Keep quiet you noisy child!!

Anyways. Solutions! Solutions! I thought meditation? May be yoga? Sex? No. No. and a big No. Trust me there is nothing wrong with any of these. They are supposed to bring inner peace and calm. But for me sitting in one place for meditation is often difficult and yoga is more for losing weight and increasing flexibility and sex? Well, lets be honest here. Have there not been moments where you have for a millisecond drifted off to think.. where did I keep that condom? should I move the throw pillows? Get off her hair dammit! Where is that..what its called the G something? Will we win the game tonight? Pizza or Chinese take out? Beer or whiskey? Do I look good doing this.. I wish we could see..a video?? No no too impersonal. Maybe a mirror on top of this bed. Yes, that’s it! A mirror. How big should the mirror be? I so don’t want to cook after this (this one I am definitely guilty of thinking) and so the thought train continues. Even in some of our most intimate moments we are plagued by the noise in our own head. So what helps us calm down? Quieten our inner noisy child?

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It is a process.

It can be anything. For me, I realized only today, it is crochet, cooking, playing with my fur baby Hewitt and my latest discovery: blogging. Things that help me tune out the noise and just breathe. Slow down for a change and just enjoy the essence of the activity. Be present and enjoy the moment for what it is even in my pjs. For many of us it might be reading a book, playing a sport, sweating it out at the gym, talking a walk in the park or my husband’s favourite just vegging out watching Netflix. That is what this blog is about, things that calm us down, our passions which bring out the best in us and in turn become the best things about us. That is what we will share here on At home with Hewitt…


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Tell me what helps you quieten your inner noisy child in the comment box below. 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Noisy Child

  1. This really made me think… I’d say reading, long walks, anything that I’m passionate about or that I enjoy doing. Maybe it’s time to try meditation?

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  2. Love this post – are lives are always go, go, go so it’s a good idea to stop and clear your mind once in a while. I personally like to take long hikes and be amongst nature. There’s nothing like fresh air to help you feel more invigorated!


  3. Crochet and knitting is proven to be extremely beneficial to health and to combat stress in the body. They’ve done research on it!

    I recently wrote/researched a very fun and informative documentary film called “The Secret History of Knitting” for Blue Ant Media where I learned this stuff 🙂

    I learned a ton…although I am not a crafter…riding my bike home from work is my meditation.


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