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ginger cat sitting

A day in the life of Hewitt


Hi, I am Hewitt, co-blogger of and today’s post is about me and my daily life. I am 3 years 4 months old and I am orange in colour. You can check out my handsome looks in the pictures and videos below. So, let’s get started.

Ginger Cat Tabby PhotoMe giving a smoldering look.

Like many successful people, I start my day at 5:30 am. Beginning your day with a lick of fresh water and some exercise is the best way to prepare yourself for the stressful day to come. In the morning I prefer doing cardio exercises by running at 30 mph in the living area, after which I exercise my vocal cords by continuously meowing my favourite songs. As you must have noticed, I have really beautiful white teeth. Credit goes to my Hu-mom. I brush my teeth (well my Hu-mom does) twice a day. I will put a picture of my tooth brush and toothpaste here. Isn’t, it cute? During, my annual visit, my doctor told my mom I have fish breath (well!!!) and I need to brush daily to keep my teeth healthy so that I can eat all I want. So, like a good boy I started brushing my teeth to poultry freshness (my toothpaste is poultry flavour). How cool is that!!

cat dental care toothbrush and pasteMy toothbrush and paste

By 8 am, I am done with my morning cleaning rituals and then it’s my favourite time of the day. Breakfast. I have half a can of Friskies pate. I don’t like meat chunks. I am a pate kind of a guy. Its yummy. See for yourself.

cat wet food of friskies turkey can Friskies Cat Wet food turkey gibletsMy wet food

Post breakfast, at around 10 am, I start exercising using my fitness equipment which is called a feather toy in human terms. I jump around concentrating more on my lower body + core workout and less on my target. It doesn’t matter if you get the feather or no, what’s important is you tried. Tell me in comments below if a career as a motivational speaker would work out for me. I think inspiring people is in my paws. Anyway. After my 1 hr intense work-out which includes aerobics (mentioned above) and yoga (the secret to my youthful looks), I groom myself for my first lap of beauty sleep which is about 4 hours. Of course, I take care of my nature’s call, but that would be TMI. I am including my work out video below so that you guys can use some of my moves.

I get disturbed by my Hu-mom at 2pm. She wakes me up for lunch. Trust me, it’s annoying but I know she loves me and hey, eating small meals throughout the day is healthy. So, I drag myself and munch on some yummy dry food made by Now Fresh. I prefer the grain-free kind with trout, salmon, herring and coconut oil. I have only ¼ of a cup. I have calorie counted my meals and I can have only that much amount.

Now fresh Dry Cat FoodMy dry food

Then I spend a couple of hours looking outside the window at the city. The skies, the trees, passing humans and cars. They are all my inspiration. They inspire me to live my life at the fullest and to be grateful for what I have. To live in the moment. Also, I wait near the window or up on my cat-tree for my new friend Carl. Carl and me have recently become friends. He is very loud and chirpy and that sometimes annoys me. But we all have that one friend right? So, Carl and me, we have this unspoken bond. Unspoken because he either ignores what I say to him or is hard of hearing. Anyways, what is life without friends, eh? I will put a picture of Carl below and also a video of our conversation.

red head bird sitting on a balcony  Carl    Ginger Cat looking outside the windowMe watching the world go by

After Carl leaves, which is mostly after 30 mins, I get back to my window of inspiration. At around 5 pm I start my upper body workout. I will put my upper-body workout fitness equipment here. You can order it on or even Petvalu keeps a few of them. Hu-mom and me, we sometimes watch Netflix series, read books, conduct exclusive photo sessions and spend some time on social media in the evening. Reading is like food for your brain and I like to stay updated on day to day activities happening around the world. At 6 pm, Hu-dad comes home and I love it when he does as he gives me treats (which I am not allowed as it makes me fat). I am absolutely crazy about the Temptations treats in Chicken Flavour. I meditate for an hour to develop inner peace.

cat toy feather Feather toy Cat toy plush white mouse Mouse Toy Cat Treats Temptations Chicken FlavourTreats

Finally, around 8 pm, I have my dinner, pate. I lounge around asking for belly rubs from Hu-mom or Hu-dad. I stroll around my home with incessant meowing basically waiting dinner to settle in my tummy which is often misunderstood for calls of attention. Post evening teeth brushing, my mom makes my little cozy corner at the foot of her bed with my favourite white and green blanket. I go to sleep a little later, but when I do, I jump on the bed sometimes startling her. After kneading and purring loudly (my way of thanking mom), I take the cutest pose possible and fall into a deep slumber dreaming about food, feathers and sometimes Carl.

Hope you liked a sneak-peek into my life. Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, Miao!

Ginger cat laughing yawning

4 thoughts on “A day in the life of Hewitt

  1. Love this. Authentic and from the heart. Will definitely read more.


  2. When I leave home, I sometime say to my cats, “See ya, see ya! Wouldn’t want to be ya!” But then I correct myself and think, “Actually, sometimes I would.” You’ve captured very well here why.


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