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Summer 2016 Bucket List: 10 things I want to do in Toronto this summer

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What is your bucket list this summer? How many items have you checked out? We are nearly a month into Summer 2016, and I am still scrambling around to make a list of things I plan to accomplish this summer. Last year, I checked out 5 of those items which included visiting Montreal, Quebec, Thousand islands, Niagara Falls, Niagara on the lake and the remaining 3 were pushed forward to this year. This year, the list seems to be going pretty well. So let’s go directly to my Summer 2016 bucket list. Yay!!

1. Self- guided walks

Central Ravines, Belt Line, and gardens are going to be my first of the self-guided walk series in Toronto. I love walking, bird watching, smelling flowers, running away from bees and wasps. Basically, all the old fashioned self-discovering things are what I love to do when I walk. It is a wonderful frugal way to exercise for people like me who don’t have gym memberships. However, walking in the same parks can get a bit boring. This year I want to explore some new paths. Central Ravines, Belt Line, and gardens is around 11 km (approx. 3 hours) walk and very scenic. Really looking forward to this one.

man and women walking in a park

2. Visit the CN Tower

I have been in Toronto since November 2014 and can see the beautiful, very tall CN Tower from my condo balcony. However, somehow I managed to not visit it till 26th June 2016. Luckily, it was the 40th birthday of the CN Tower and the day was perfectly clear with lots of sunshine. We had lunch at the Horizon restaurant.

toronto cn tower skyline

3. Ripley’s Aquarium

Same as the CN Tower, I delayed visiting this one for a year and a half. I visited Ripley’s Aquarium on the same day as the CN Tower. Although crowded with the chitter-chatter of little angels all over the place, it was thoroughly fun. I tried taking a few selfies with the sharks, however, were quite a fail.

jelly fish  blue fish

4. Wine tour

Like a million others, I love wine, preferably white, as it pairs well with two of my favourite meat, chicken, and seafood. I have read about wineries while studying hotel management back home, however, two-dimensional pictures/videos don’t quite satiate a thirsty traveller like me. On my trip to Niagara last year I was hoping to visit wineries. We did, but only the office where they let you taste wines. So this year I decided I want more. I am currently exploring the packages on The Award winning wine tour package seems pretty tempting. Suggestions? Please let me know in the comment box below.

wine cellar

5. Toronto Zoo

This one like the two above was pushed forward from last to this year. Honestly, I love animals and though I do not like the whole animals in captivity scenario, I do like the fact that they are well kept in an environment which is closest to their natural habitat. Sunset Segway Tours, Tiger awareness weekend and Lion awareness day are few of the upcoming events there.

lazy lion

6. Centre Island

Firstly, it is just beautiful from the pictures I see on the internet and secondly, it is having the 44th Annual Festival of India (Ratha-Yatra) this weekend (16th July- 17th July). A free vegetarian Indian feast?? I am there. Nom Nom !! I am also looking forward to shopping at some South Asian vendors, face painting traditional style and also an outdoor yoga festival. See you there!!

yoga poses women outdoor

7. Rouge Beach, Scarborough

I want to make a trip to this beach since a blogger friend of mine wrote about it on her blog called Toronto Frugal. Her pictures show how serene this beach is. She also provides directions to get there using TTC.

shells on beach

8. High Park

A picnic to this park would be perfect. Although I missed seeing the Sakura Cherry tree blossom which happens in last week of April/first week of May every year, I still feel that this park has a lot to offer including tranquility and a trackless train. Brings out the child in you. Doesn’t it?

women in a park under a tree

9. Royal Ontario Museum

If you love jazz you need to be here. Yes!! You read it correctly. ROM has something special in store for musical art lovers like me this summer called ROM Summer Fridays. However, if you prefer outdoor city history more agreeable, the volunteers at ROM also arrange ROMWalks. I am really excited for the Summer Fridays.

museum picture

10. 360 The restaurant at the top of CN Tower

A candle lit dinner at the revolving restaurant at the top of the CN Tower was supposed to be my husband’s wedding anniversary surprise for me. However, he got back home to a surprise candle lit dinner. Hahaha. We women!!Anyways, we moved it to this year, but I do not wish to wait until the end of October to visit this restaurant so it made its way to my summer list.

dinner table glass upside down

Feel free to share what’s on your summer list this year. Also please share your suggestions on what new activities I can add to my list or if you have any thoughts/tips on my existing items. Take care.

One thought on “Summer 2016 Bucket List: 10 things I want to do in Toronto this summer

  1. Try the CityPass! Entry to a couple of the places on your list and a few others for a discount.


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