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10 YouTubers you need to subscribe to NOW!!


I love YouTube,period. Although YouTube has been around for quite a few years, it became an important part of my daily routine only recently. Well, in 2014 actually. In the new city, YouTubers became my friends and advisors on various of my household problems. More than entertainment, for me, they are honestly a very important and free source of learning, inspiration, and motivation. So before I end up rambling again for 1000 words, here is my favourite list of 10 YouTubers (I am subscribed to 148 YouTubers) till date. It was so difficult to pick my favourites as each of them is unique in their own special way. To follow them on Instagram or any other social media check their description box below the video on YouTube as most/all of them provide that information there.


I don’t need to say more. I love her. She is hilarious and her video is the first video I ever saw on YouTube. Below is her video aimed at motivating the viewer.

2. Amy Macedo

This Canadian YouTuber’s makeup looks are fresh and she has an adorable fur baby called Sugar with his own Instagram called Sugarthemalshi. Amy also has a separate vlog channel which is AmyMacedo Vlogs.

3. Our life on a budget

This Canadian family of four lives their life the frugal way. I believe Frugality is an art which very few people have mastered yet. Our Life on a budget clearly are the pros.

4. The Domestic Geek

Healthy+fun+tasty= Domestic Geek’s recipes. If you are looking for fun, colourful, healthy yet tasty recipes you need to be here. Trust me. My personal favourites are her smoothie and popsicles recipes.

5. MissLizHeart

Have you been looking for a lifestyle YouTuber? Here is one you will absolutely love. She talks about food, fashion, home decor, recipes and much more.

6. Mind over Munch

Raise your hand if you are guilty of cheating on your new diet with a naughty treat. I know. We all are. Mind over Munch to the rescue. You do not need to feel guilty anymore because this lady right here has the knack of making naughty treats healthy. My favourites are her meal prep ideas. She makes it look so easy. That’s like, half the battle won right there! I make her homemade pizza rolls once a month. They are so yummy and completely guilt free.

7. How Jen Does it

If cleaning the house haunts you every weekend.Please meet Jen. She is the epitome of a homemaker and some day I wish to manage my home like her. She shares her cleaning routines, which are so simple and effortless that you will pick up your duster and get to it right away. But that is not all. Even her channel by far is the most organised. Each playlist is so well maintained and updated. I absolutely love her slow cooker recipes , her cleaning routines and her home.

8. Clean My Space

Out of your regular all purpose cleaner? Oh no! Wait! Don’t rush to the store yet. I promise you, you will find what you need in your kitchen. Get the drift? Let Melissa explain. She owns the cleanest place on YouTube after all.

9. Bella Coco

I love to crochet. She loves to crochet. So we were meant to meet. Haha. Jokes aside. You should check out her beginner videos. They are so easy to understand, that you will make a beautiful crochet creation in no time.

10. How to Cake It

Last but definitely not the least. This beautiful artistic lady combines two of my favourite things cake & food and cakes that look like food. Confused? Here is, ladies and gentlemen, our very own Yolanda Gampp from, How to Cake It. Just see her video and subscribe.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Please share your favourite YouTubers in the comments below. Take Care.

5 thoughts on “10 YouTubers you need to subscribe to NOW!!

  1. So many great new Youtubers for my subscription box, thank you for sharing!

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  2. Superwoman is awesome! I like her too


  3. I didn’t know about some of these. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. I loved these recommendations because Ive literally only heard of one and I love checking out new content! Im excited to get back into filming, Ive missed it so much! My new Nikon is on its way and Im ready to get started! Thanks for the blog! -Steph (


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