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10 YouTubers you need to subscribe to NOW!!

I love YouTube,period. Although YouTube has been around for quite a few years, it became an important part of my daily routine only recently. Well, in 2014 actually. In the new city, YouTubers became my friends and advisors on various of my household problems. More than entertainment, for me, they are honestly a very important and free source of learning, inspiration, and motivation. So before I end up rambling again for 1000 words, here is my favourite list of 10 YouTubers (I am subscribed to 148 YouTubers) till date. It was so difficult to pick my favourites as each of them is unique in their own special way. To follow them on Instagram or any other social media check their description box below the video on YouTube as most/all of them provide that information there. Continue reading

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Summer 2016 Bucket List: 10 things I want to do in Toronto this summer

What is your bucket list this summer? How many items have you checked out? We are nearly a month into Summer 2016, and I am still scrambling around to make a list of things I plan to accomplish this summer. Last year, I checked out 5 of those items which included visiting Montreal, Quebec, Thousand islands, Niagara Falls, Niagara on the lake and the remaining 3 were pushed forward to this year. This year, the list seems to be going pretty well. So let’s go directly to my Summer 2016 bucket list. Yay!!

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The Noisy Child



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The wise and the cool.

Last week my father was talking about how the world has changed since he was a 30-something guy. By the way, he is 67. Yes, it does sound like a cliché. Exactly what I thought at that moment. Here we go with the generation gap ranting. He said there is a lot of noise nowadays. Assuming that he was talking about all the things around us, I thought yes yes everything is loud for you. He continued. Continue reading